here's a little about me

My name is Janina. I live about 30 minutes west of Munich at one of Bavarias beautiful lakes, together with my family. Since I got my first camera at 8, I've never put it aside.
In my twenties I studied photography at Munich's University and spent months abroad for different projects. Two trips to India, 6 months in New Zealand, several months of working in Los Angeles, amongst other places on the globe, made me fall in love with adventure. My first clients were and still are magazines, commercial agencies and labels. But requests for weddings kept popping in so after a while I decided to work my way into a whole different world of photography. Working on weddings is different. This is the one special day for you. Things happen once and that's it. There's no second chance for a picture. And there are emotions. Even for me and even if we've never met before. I've caught myself more than once standing in the first row, photographing and trying to think of something else to stop me from shedding a tear.
Photographing weddings was nothing that I just wanted to try, I also wanted to be prepared for my future couples. And then it began and I met tons of great couples and families. The weekends were pretty busy in the years to come. I worked with the name "Blumenkind" (flower child) on saturdays (and evenings for couple shoots) and did (and still do) this during the week: www.janinalaszlo.com
When Covid made things slow down, I decided it was time for a change. My wedding business became wilder and so did my visual language so I renamed my page and business to "Wild Love by Janina Laszlo".
So what's next? Let's see. It's up to all of you.

I can't wait to me you,

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